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Final Conference

A final Conference on “EU-EaP STI cooperation: Beyond 2020” will be organized to disseminate the main outcomes of the project, in particular the recommendations.

A Final EaP + Conference will be organised in Brussels on Tuesday 11 June 2019 to present the state-of-affairs, to strengths of the cooperation between EU and the EaP countries and to initiate a debate on the future of this cooperation under Horizon – Europe and beyond.

During this event the major achievements of the EaP PLUS and of other projects involving EaP countries will be presented, followed by a summary of the Recommendations for the EU-EaP STI cooperation prepared by the EaP PLUS project as an input to an open discussion among various stakeholders on the way to strengthen and sustain the bi-regional EU-EaP cooperation.

The date of this event has been chosen to be back-to-back to the SFIC meeting (June 12th) in order to allow the invitation of SFIC member to the Conference and, in particular, to the afternoon Panel discussion on the future of the EU-EaP cooperation.

The Conference also coincides with the celebration of the 10th EaP strategy anniversary and could constitute the unique event in the field of STI for this celebration.

Around 100 persons are expected, with up to 30 funded participants from the EaP countries and with stakeholders from EU, among which we should mention:

  • Representatives of the EC: (Inco; Thematic Directorates; Research Infrastructures; JRC; DG NEAR (EU4Innovation); etc.
  • Representatives of EU Member States (Scientific Attaches and other) and of SFIC;
  • Representatives of the European Parliament;
  • Representatives of programmes and Agencies: ERC; COST; EUREKA; EEN; UNDP; etc.
  • Representatives of Liaison Offices in Brussels (IGLO and other);
  • The SPIRE Association, ETPs, JTIs, etc.

Topics to be addressed

The topics to be addressed include:

  • Highlights from the implementation of the EaP PLUS project (studies; trainings; networking support; EU-EaP cluster formation; etc.) and their impact.
  • Flash presentations of thematic projects with EaP participation with emphasis on the added value of the EU-EaP cooperation and the perspectives;
  • Flash presentations of projects funded by other DGs (‘CONNECT’, ‘NEAR’);
  • Association to H2020: major benefits and perspectives;
  • Summary of the Recommendations for the future of the EU-EaP STI cooperation prepared under the EaP PLUS project;
  • Panel discussion on the ways to strengthen and sustain the EU-EaP STI cooperation in Horizon – Europe and beyond.

Duration and date

The EaP + conference will last one full day (9:00 to 17:30) including coffee breaks and a lunch. A final cocktail (17:00 to 18:30 approximately) will close the day.

The Conference will take place on 11 June 2019 in order to create a synergy with the planned SFIC meeting in Brussels (12 June 2019). That will allow inviting SFIC representatives to attend the Conference or at least the afternoon Panel discussion on the future of the EU-EaP STI cooperation.

It should be noted that the conference coincides with the 10th Anniversary of the EaP policy and it could be considered as part of this celebration since there is no other event foreseen for that in the field of STI.


EaP PLUS Final Event: "EU & Eastern Partnership Science Technology Innovation Cooperation: Beyond 2020"

Brussels, June 11, 2019

The Progress Hotel, 9 Rue du Progress, Brussels, 1210 Brussels Belgium

Registration is possible through this link

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