eap-plus.eu – STI International Cooperation Network for Eastern Partnership Countries - PLUS

For Other Networks (ERA-NETs, P2P initiatives (SPIRE), etc.)

Specific information and partner search tools for other networks under Horizon 2020 (e.g. ERA-NETs, P2P, SPIRE)


Public-to-Public Partner Search Tool for partners for ERA-NETs and Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) (from ERA-LEARN 2020 website)

  •  for public agencies and organisations


Partner Search Tool for partners for the open calls under "SPIRE - Sustainable Process Industry" as part of "Industrial Leadership" - 5.ii "Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing" in Horizon 2020 (2018-2019 calls) (from SPIRE website)

  • for companies and organisations interested in SPIRE




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