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EaP PLUS Deliverable: Annual policy brief on issues highly relevant to the EaP-EU collaboration

The policy brief provides an overview of the findings from policy dialogue between EaP PLUS and stakeholders and offers conclusions concerning particular policy fields


  • Posted on: Mar 27, 2018
  • Greece
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Year of publication: 2018

Tags: EaP PLUS project news, EU-EaP cooperation, Policy Dialogue, R&I Partnership

One of the main objectives of the EaP PLUS project is to actively support the policy dialogue in STI between the EU and the EaP countries with particular emphasis on the Association to H2020 process and dedicated actions to maximize the benefits from it.

Check our activities in respect to the policy dialogue here

To this end the project has several tasks dedicated to two-way communication and support activities mainly with the EU-EaP Panel on R&I but also with SFIC, ESFRI, EC DG RTD Thematic Directorates and other General Directorates such as JRC, DEVCO, etc.

The current Annual Policy Brief (D1.1) brings together all the findings of the policy dialogue and evidence collection concerning policy developments in EU-EaP STI cooperation and EaP participation in H2020. It aims to serve as an input towards the preparations of the recommendations to the policy dialogue fora for future strategy developments and actions. The Brief has resulted from desk research, surveys, communication with different stakeholders, monitoring and evidence collection activities as well as conclusions from events organized by the project.

All the input has been grouped in three main chapters, namely policy dialogue activities, participation in H2020 and Innovation.

Type: Project Deliverable | Source: EaP PLUS

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