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Peer Review of the Ukrainian Research and Innovation System

The Peer Review of the Ukrainian Research and Innovation system was carried out between May and November 2016 by a dedicated PSF Panel, consisting of nine independent experts and national peers. The Ukrainian national authorities expressed a strong political commitment to this exercise.


  • Posted on: Jan 19, 2017
  • Austria

Year of publication: 2016

Website: Link

Tags: EC news, Horizon 2020, Policy Framework

The PSF Panel arrived at seven Policy Messages highlighted upfront in the report. The report explains the rationale supporting each of those policy statements and discusses the 30 specific recommendations, clustered into thematic areas. Case studies from other countries supplement the narrative by presenting good practice examples that could facilitate the implementation of the recommendations.

It is the country’s responsibility to ensure the follow-up to the Peer Review as well as the potential implementation of its recommendations through concrete reforms.

Please find the final report attached.

Type: Analytical Report, Policy Document | Source: RI-LINKS2UA project

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