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Webinars on the EIT 2018 Call for Proposals - Manufacturing & Urban Mobility

More than 1 000 leading partners. More than 1 100 inspiring graduates. More than 1 200 great business ideas and more than 200 innovative start-ups.


  • Sep 6—7, 2017
  • Online

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Post Date: Aug 28, 2017

Tags: Excellent science, Horizon 2020, Open calls, Project Managers, Researchers, R&I Partnership

Do you want to be part of this Community?

Join the EIT for two ‘webinars’ on the upcoming competition for new Innovation Communities:

The EIT Interim Director, Martin Kern, will be online to answer your questions. During the webinars, only written questions will be answered. This is to ensure the EIT answers as many questions as possible in the time available.*

When do the webinars start?

At 10.30 CET on both days.

What will happen during the webinars?

Following an introduction to the EIT and its Innovation Communities, there will be a short Q&A. After the Q&A, there will be a general introduction to the 2018 Call, followed by a discussion of the evaluation criteria required for the Call.

There will then be a chance to ask questions regarding the relevant Call. Please remember that there will be two webinars, one on each thematic area:

Each webinar will end with information on what to do next.

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