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International Conference 'The Circular Economy – Rational Use of Raw Materials'


  • Sep 18—19, 2018
  • The Home Army Museum, Cracow
  • Poland

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Post Date: Jun 18, 2018

Tags: EU-EaP cooperation, Policy Makers, Researchers

An International Conference on the Circular Economy – Rational Use of Raw Materials will be held in Cracow on 18-19 September 2018.

The purpose of this conference is to exchange knowledge and experience on effective methods of
management in accordance with the rules of the circular economy and their future directions. On
the first day, the subject of the conference will be the rational use of raw materials from primary
and secondary sources i.e. metals, energy, chemicals, industrial raw materials, water and biomass
including social and economic changes and technological and innovative solutions. On the second
day the discussion will focus on implementation of the circular economy: new business models,
education, CE indicators, eco-innovation, economic symbiosis and the use of new IT tools. During
the conference, the following thematic sessions are planned:

Day 1 – The rational use of raw materials

  • Plenary session;
  • Models and indicators, critical raw materials;
  • The circular use of water;
  • The role of energy and raw materials in the development of the circular economy;
  • Material from waste - examples;

Day 2 – The circular economy – methods and good practice

  • Industrial Symbiosis – including SYMBI project;
  • Innovation and the circular economy;
  • Instruments supporting a circular and low-carbon economy;
  • Use of IT tools in a circular and low-carbon economy;
  • Environmental education;

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