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EaP PLUS High-Level Seminar on Research and Innovation Policy

Seminars in Vienna and Athens on research and innovation policy for experts from the EaP countries

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  • Oct 12—13, 2017
  • Vienna
  • Austria
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Post Date: Jun 27, 2017

Tags: Capacity building, Project Managers, Researchers, R&I Partnership

In October and November 2017 a high-level seminar series on research and innovation policy is organised by the EaP PLUS project. The series consists of two workshops, from which the first takes place in Vienna from 12-13 October, and is followed by another seminar in Athens from 7-8 November.

For the seminar in Vienna, EaP PLUS partner ZSI (Austria) appears as the main organiser, whereas the seminar in Athens is lead by the EaP PLUS coordinator CeRISS from Greece. Participants will take part in both parts of the seminar.

The main objective of the two 2-days seminars is to train participants on relevant topics in research and innovation policy.

Part 1: Vienna (12-13.10.2017)

The agenda for the seminar in Vienna comprises topics such as "The theoretical foundations of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Policies", "The paradigms in STI policy", "Innovation support instruments and programmes", "Responsible Research and Innovation", "Open data, open science, open access" and "New developments in peer review".

Part 2: Athens (07-08.11.2017)

In Athens the following topics are in focus: "Innovation measurements", "Intellectual Property Rights", "Performance measurement of organisations", "Benchmarking exercises", "International RTI cooperation" and "Foresight exercises".

The selection process for identifying participants in the seminar series has already been carried out. As regards the Athens seminar, a new call for tenders will be launched soon at the website of CeRISS. In both seminars several high-level policy makers and high-level experts from policy-delivery entities (e.g. research funding agencies, research and innovation councils) from the Eastern Partnership countries will participate.

The preliminary agenda for the seminar in Vienna is attached as a pdf.

For general enquiries and information regarding the seminars please contact:

Ms. Carmen Heidenwolf, ZSI GmbH, heidenwolf@zsi.at

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