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Series of upcoming national Erasmus+ info days in the EaP countries

In autumn 2017 in all countries in the EaP region Erasmus+ info days will be organised by the local National Erasmus+ Offices (NEO).


  • Posted on: Sep 15, 2017
  • Belgium

Website: Link

Contact: Kamila Partyka , Kamila.Partyka@ec.europa.eu

Tags: Capacity building, EU-EaP cooperation, Researchers, STI policy news

Under the umbrella of EC DG EAC (Education and culture) a series of national Erasmus+ info days will be organised in the EaP region in autumn 2017. These events always include e.g. a session on Jean Monnet actions addressing professors and researchers in the EU studies

For finding out about cooperation and mobility opportunities in higher education, you can visit the info days or get in touch with you national NEO. Contact information can be found on this website: https://eacea.ec.europa.eu/erasmus-plus/contacts/national-erasmus-plus-offices_en

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