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EaP PLUS High-Level Seminars on Research and Innovation Policy

EaP PLUS has just completed its 2nd high-level seminar on R&I policy in Athens, following an event alike in Vienna in October


  • Posted on: Nov 13, 2017
  • Greece

Tags: Capacity building, EaP PLUS project news, Policy Framework, Policy Makers

From 7-8 November the second part of the EaP PLUS High-Level Seminars on Research and Innovation Policy has been taking place in Athens, Greece. The first seminar was organised in Vienna, Austria from 12-13 October.

The seminar in Athens offered state-of-the-art knowledge on latest developments in modern research and innovation policies to nineteen high-level policy makers and high-level experts from policy-delivery entities (e.g. public agencies, academies of sciences, ministerial departments, research centres etc.) from the Eastern Partnership Countries. More concretely, the training comprised elements such as Innovation measurements, IPR, Performance measurement of organisations, Benchmarking Exercises, International Cooperation, and Foresight Exercises.

In Vienna topics such as the theoretical foundations of STI Policies, STI policy Mixes, Innovation support instruments and programmes, Responsible Research and Innovation, Open data, open science, open access and Peer-review were discussed.

During the seminars, the participants had also the chance to make official visits to FFG - The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (Vienna) and the Corallia Cluster and Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation (Athens) respectively.

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