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EaP PLUS role in promoting Belarus-EU cooperation in STI highlighted at the 6th EU-Belarus Coordination Group meeting

The 6th meeting of the EU-Belarus Coordination Group took place in Brussels on 12-13 December 2018.


  • Posted on: Dec 19, 2018
  • Belarus

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The EU reconfirmed its commitment to work with Belarus, in line with its policy of critical engagement, to support a stable, democratic and prosperous future for Belarus directly benefiting its people. The participants discussed recent developments and the state of play of bilateral relations including the next steps towards finalising negotiations on the EU-Belarus Partnership Priorities, which, once concluded, will shape future cooperation based on common interests and values. In terms of sectorial cooperation, the participants discussed the follow-up to recent dialogues on environment, customs, economic, financial issues and trade, as well as cooperation on mobility, people-to-people contacts, energy, research and innovation, education, digital economy and private sector development.

On research and innovation, the parties have expressed the overall satisfaction with the state of Belarus participation in HORIZON 2020 with 39 projects retained for funding and over 6,5 mln EUR contribution from the EC to Belarusian actors in direct or indirect form. It is noted that Belarus is consistently ranked among the top-7 third countries participating in the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Programme and has been seriously exploring the co-funding instruments proposed by the Commission. The country confirms high level standards in basic research in physics, chemistry and engineering, as well as in their intersections, that is proved by involvement of national researchers in the two FET Flagships – “Graphene” and “Quantum Technologies”.

The role of EaP PLUS in promoting HORIZON 2020 in Belarus through infodays, trainings, travel grants to researchers, stimulating cooperation with diaspora, support to clusters developenm, etc. has been highlighted by Olga Meerovskaya, HORIZON 2020 Coordinator in Belarus. The Commission represented by Stephen Sadler, DG RTD announced a new study on technology transfer to be held in Belarus and other Eastern Partnership countries in 2019 which outcomes may pave the way to the future actions on supporting innovation activities.  As for the on-going EU financial assistance programmes for Belarus, in 2014-2018 they amount to over €120 million.

More information: https://eeas.europa.eu/headquarters/headquarters-homepage/55451/eu-belarus-coordination-group-met-sixth-time_en

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