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Training for technology managers in EaP countries, Minsk, Belarus, 11-13 March 2019


  • Posted on: Mar 14, 2019
  • Belarus

Contact: Olga Meerovskaya

Tags: EaP PLUS project news

40 technology transfer managers from six Eastern Partnership countries  and several member states met in Minsk, Belarus in March 2019 for a training which goal was  to share and transfer experience and best practices in technology transfer from EU countries to the focus region and also between the EaP countries.

The agenda included such blocks as innovation management, IPR and technology transfer in EU, collaborative innovation and exploitation in Horizon 2020, role of smart specialization strategies, EEN and European Technology Platforms, etc. which were mixed with presentations of concrete projects, working in groups and practical exercises.

The success of the training was due experienced trainers from project partners organizations, SPI and Inno TSD, as well as invited experts from Poland, Hungary and  Ukraine, as well as thanks to active involvement of the trainees.

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