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EaP PLUS H2020 NCP training successfully held in Armenia

Training for newly appointed Horizon 2020 NCPs in Armenia


  • Posted on: Jun 21, 2019
  • Armenia

Tags: Capacity building, EU-EaP cooperation, Horizon 2020, Researchers

EaP PLUS organised a Horizon 2020 training from May 30-31 in Yerevan, Armenia, which was dedicated to the newly appointed Armenian H2020 NCPs. The reason for this additional activity within the project was the recent nomination of a number of new NCPs from Armenia and the need for their training and capacity building. 

The training was organised in cooperation with the Net4Mobilityplus project (https://www.net4mobilityplus.eu/), which helped to focus on the development of proposal writing skills for the specific H2020 instrument of MSCA Individual Fellowships.

The first day of the event was designed as a hands-on training about the three proposal sections as part of the MSCA IF proposal structure. The NCPs gained in-depth knowledge on the proposal structure and useful “TIPs” and “HINTs” on successful proposal writing.  The training covered a lot of practical exercises and group work. Following a detailed explanation of the proposal sections and the evaluation procedure behind, the trainees had the opportunity to work on and evaluate a real proposal within this funding scheme.

The second day of the training started with a quiz designed to test the knowledge and skills gained during the first day and the announcement of results of the evaluation. The second half of the day covered Legal & Financial Issues, Innovation management, the Horizon Europe perspectives, good practices from Spanish NCPs, cooperation and synergies with other networks and NCP projects (EEN, EURAXESS, Net4Mobilityplus, COST, etc) and more.

Regarding the trainers, the event was delivered jointly between local partners and five invited trainers from the EU, namely Ms. Marília Cunha from Portugal  (SPI, Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação), Ms. Cristina Gomez from Spain (FECYT - Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology), Ms. Magdalena Chomicka from Poland  (IPPT PAN -  Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences), Ms. Maria Husgaro  from Faroe Islands  (Research Council Faroe Islands) and Ms. Zuzana Capkova from Czech Republic (Technology centre ASCR).

The event was attended by 40 participants including 10 NCPs and received highly positive feedback from the participants.

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