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Promoting the innovations in Ukraine

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in accordance of its Statutes provides scientific support for the upgrading and innovative progress of the Ukrainian economy through developing and promoting the deployment of cutting-edge high technologies, launch, on the principles of mutual interest, efficient S&T, organizational, financial and other mechanisms for strengthening ties between science and industry, as well as through participation in creating innovative scientific, manufacturing and training associations, to develop and implement target scientific and S&T programs at the request of businesses and other entities.


  • Posted on: Aug 22, 2019
  • Ukraine

Website: Link

Contact: Marina Gorokhovatska Scientific manager, mgor@nas.gov.ua

Tags: Communication, EU-EaP cooperation

While implementing the abovementioned task and also following the recommendations of
the PSF Panel based on the Peer Review of Ukrainian Research and Innovation System
(2016-2017) the set of books “Research and Development output of the NAS of Ukraine”
has been prepared and edited by NASU.
It includes the catalogue of developments offered for industry divided to 11 sectors of
economics and contains description of each one, technology readiness levels, innovation
readiness level as well as IPR level. These books were disseminated among Ukrainian
industrial and business stakeholders. Now it is available also in English and can be found
by link http://www.nas.gov.ua/RDOutput/EN/book2017/Pages/default.aspx

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