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EaP countries participate in the newly approved COST Actions for 2017

On 23 June 2017, new Actions were selected by the COST Committee of Senior Officials. Out of 454 eligible proposals, 35 actions were approved. Participants from EaP countries in the approved Actions reached a number of 7.


  • Posted on: Jul 3, 2017
  • Belgium

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Contact: Yannis Kechagiaras, yannis.kechagiaras@ceriss.eu

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Out of 35 approved COST Actions for 2017, 5 had participants from Ukraine (CA16209, CA16213, CA16214, CA 16226, CA16234) and 2 from Georgia and Armenia (CA16206, CA16235).

Participation in COST Actions constitutes an extremely important way for networking and for ultimately preparing H2020 proposals.  Associated countries like Israel, Serbia and Turkey actively promote the participation of their researchers in COST Actions.

Despite the importance of COST, the participation of the EaP Associated Countries in COST Actions has not been yet proportional to the national efforts to become Associated to H2020. The EaP Plus project puts emphasis in promoting the participation to COST Actions and supports further dissemination of the Action by partners, NCPs and relevant stakeholders.

For details on the newly approved Actions see: COST 2017    

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