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National Academy of Sciences Ukraine

The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) is the highest state-supported research organization established in 1918. It integrates all researchers of its institutions and carries out studies in various areas of knowledge.


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  • Posted on: Jan 10, 2017
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Post Date: Jan 10, 2017

According to its Statute, the Academy enjoys the rights of self- government in making decisions about its own activities. Today the all-Academy staff consists of above 37000 persons, including 18346 researchers, among whom 2530 Dr.of Sci. and 7603 PhD. NASU joins 204 full members(academicians), 388 correspondent-members and 106 foreign members.

The National Academy of Sciences is divided to 3 sections (physical-mathematical end engineering, chemical-biological and SSH ones) by its fields of research that comprise 14 research Departments by main fields of research. 5 Regional Science Centers operate within the NASU, which are also subordinated to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Their R&D activities addresses to the priorities of respective regions.

NASU has an R&D network, which involves pilot-production facilities, design-and-technology bureaus, engineering centers, working on practical application of research results. Small businesses and joint ventures operate within NASU, contributing to the commercialization of new developments and innovations.

NASU is rather active in international cooperation. About 120 agreements for S&T cooperation are in force with research organisations of 50 countries over the world. The most active support goes to bilateral cooperation projects with CNRS, TÜBITAK, National academies of Danube Region countries, Central Europe countries. The total annual amount of them exceeds 200.

NASU activity in FP 7 became the most successful through other Ukrainian entities. 92 FP 7 projects have been and under execution by the NASU teams within its institutes and research centers.

NASU represents Ukraine in more than 40 international organisations as IIASA, ALLEA, IAU, COSPAR etc.

The brief annual reports of the NASU are submitted at the web-site: for example http://www.nas.gov.ua/Reports/Documents/report


As a major research and STI stakeholder in Ukraine and international STI cooperation specialist, NASU brings in the project already established links with relevant regional STI policy dialogue fora, national authorities in the target geographic region as well as strong links with innovation actors both in Ukraine and in the region. In addition to this, NASU disposes valuable expertise in high-standard analytical work, and in drafting and promoting the adoption of policy documents.

In detail, NASU, based on its capacity,  is going to contribute in the following tasks:

1) In WP1, in shaping the future of the EU – EaP STI cooperation

2) In WP2, in the organization of H2020 Info Days and of a local NCPs training and in the cooperation with Scientific Diaspora.

3) In WP5, in the content management and the communities of practice.

Type: government/ministry, Research Institute

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