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National Agency for Research and Development of Moldova

The National Agency for Research and Development of Moldova (NARD) is the central Research and Development public authority under the Government established in 2018.


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  • Posted on: Jan 10, 2017
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Post Date: Jan 10, 2017

The National Agency for Research and Development (NARD) or 'Agenția Națională pentru Cercetare și Dezvoltare' (ANCD), is the successor of the following Moldovan public institutions: the 'Agency for Scientific Research and Development', the 'Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer' and the 'Center for International Projects (CIP)' of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

According to the Government Decision No. 196 from 28 February 2018 about the organization and the functioning of the National Agency for Research and Development, NARD is the central administrative body subordinated to the Government, which implements the state policy in the spheres of activity entrusted to it. In the areas of its activities, the Agency cooperates with central and local public administration authorities, as well as with international organizations.

The Agency is called upon to ensure high quality and efficiency for the implementation of national priorities in research, innovation and development.


The Agency performs the following main duties:

    1) implements the state policy in accordance with the action plans approved by the Government in order to implement the National Program for Research, Innovation and Development, as well as sectoral strategies;

    2) administers the budget approved for project financing in accordance with the regulatory framework;

    3) manages national development funds and funds of bilateral and multilateral programs launched under cooperation agreements with international organizations and foundations, in accordance with government regulations;

    4) organizes and conducts project competitions, including providing expertise and independent evaluation of projects submitted for tenders, with a view to distributing public funds allocated for project financing;

    5) selects for financing within the approved budget and in accordance with the action plan approved by the Government, the projects submitted for the competition as a result of an assessment conducted by local and / or foreign researchers, in accordance with the methodology of project financing approved by the Government;

    6) creates, supports and provides access to the general public to databases in the field of research, innovation and development, including national databases of national and international researchers who participate in the evaluation of projects, national databases with all material components of public infrastructure in the field research, innovation and development and specialized equipment;

    7) represents the interests of the state with respect to intellectual property in the framework of projects selected for financing;

    8) monitors the activities of scientific and technological parks and innovative incubators, in which residents implement projects in the field of innovation and technology transfer, as well as the activities of their administrators;

    9) promotes the implementation of partnerships between organizations in the field of science and innovation and economic operators with public or private capital;

    10) attracts private funds for the implementation of research projects and innovative projects, projects for experimental development, innovation and technology transfer, the operation of science and technology parks and innovative incubators, the formation and development of their infrastructure.

The experience of NARD undertaken from merged organizations in implementing European innovation support projects under FP7, H2020, COSME, TEMPUS, ERASMUS, CROSS-BORDER PROGRAMMES, will ensure success for delivering present EaP PLUS project activities.

Type: Agency/Fund, Research Institute

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