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WP1 - Policy Dialogue & Strategic Priority Setting



The aim of this Work Package is to actively contribute to policy dialogue activities in various fora (e.g. EU-EaP Panel on R&I, SFIC, BSEC, ESFRI, etc.) and with a wide variety of stakeholders (EC DGs, Thematic Directorates of DG R&I; EaP countries and EU MS/AC; etc.).

In parallel, specific attention will be given to the recent association of several EaP countries to H2020 that constitutes a major development. In that respect, activities will be dedicated to sharing of experiences among those countries but also with previously associated countries (e.g. Norway, Israel or Turkey) in order to maximise the impact of the association. Finally, based on the conclusions of all the project’s activities as well as on any newer development, recommendations for the future of the cooperation will be drafted (“EU-EaP beyond 2020”).

Tasks and Activities

Task 1.1: Supporting the EU-EaP STI Policy Dialogue

  • Activity 1.1.a: Supporting Policy Dialogue fora
  • Activity 1.1.b: Cooperation with the Thematic Directorates (DG R&I)

Task 1.2: Maximizing the impact of the Association to H2020

  • Activity 1.2.a: Conference on ‘Sharing experiences from the Association to H2020
  • Activity 1.2.b: Training for Programme Committee members from Associated EaP countries

Task 1.3: Shaping the future of the EU – EaP STI cooperation

  • Activity 1.3.a: Fact-finding activities for the EaP countries
  • Activity 1.3.b: STI policy recommendations ‘EU-EaP beyond 2020’

The main measurable contributions of EaP PLUS grounded in the first objective (i.e. active support to policy dialogue) will be:

  • The STI Policy Recommendations “EU-EaP beyond 2020” based on fact-finding reports for the six EaP countries and on all the other results of EaP PLUS. The recommendations will be presented in a Final Dissemination Conference in Brussels.
  • A Conference on ‘Sharing experiences from the Association to H2020’ which will bring together newly Associated EaP countries with older Associated countries to share experiences and maximize the impact of Association.
  • A Training for Programme Committee members of the new Associated EaP countries.
  • Active contribution of the project to the relevant EU-EaP policy dialogue fora with emphasis on the ‘EU-EaP Panel on Research & Innovation’. The project has provisioned budget for the organization of ad-hoc activities at the Panel’s request.

Lead Partner and Runtime

Lead Partner 16 - UKRTECHINFORM
Start Month 1
End Month 36

Contacts for WP1

Ms Olena Koval, nip@fp7-ncp.kiev.ua

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