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Supporting Policy Dialogue

This Task is dedicated to two-way communication and support activities mainly with the EU-EaP Panel on R&I but also with SFIC, EC DGs (JRC, DEVCO), ESFRI, MS/AC, etc. In parallel, a particular effort is devoted to the communication and cooperation with Thematic Directorates in DG R&I in order to promote the project’s results and to trigger activities targeting the EaP countries.

Task 1.1: Supporting the EU-EaP STI Policy Dialogue

Activity 1.1.a: Supporting Policy Dialogue fora

This activity includes a two-way communication and support to the EU-EaP Panel on R&I: providing input to the Panel (project’s activities and Deliverables, other important developments, etc.) and contributing to the implementation of the Panel’s recommendations (ad-hoc activities such as organization of events, implementation of studies, thematic workshops related to any Societal Challenge upon demand, etc.). For supporting the role of the EU-EaP Panel on R&I, budget for ad-hoc activities is reserved.

In addition, where appropriate, the activities of SFIC and of other EC Directorates General (especially JRC and DEVCO) as well as other regional organizations (e.g. BSEC) are screened in order to seek complementarity and coherence with them. In that respect, the project established communication with the relevant officers.

In order to stimulate a broader involvement of MS/AC in the EU-EaP policy dialogue, targeted outreach activities are implemented by the consortium for establishing contacts/dialogue with authorities from least involved EU/MS to promote the project’s activities and the EU-EaP Panel’s work.

Evidence collection: To promote evidence-based policy making, data collection and analysis of EaP participation in H2020 is regularly conducted. The analysis includes statistics for every EaP country on participation in all the areas of H2020 (analysis of the MSCA, statistics on the participating organizations and the individual host institution, etc.). This work was carried out at the beginning of the project and is updated during the project’s lifetime. E-Corda will be the main source of statistics.

Based on the findings of the policy dialogue and of the evidence collection, Annual Policy briefs are issued, including recommendations to the aforementioned policy dialogue fora for future strategy developments and actions.

Activity 1.1.b: Cooperation with the Thematic Directorates (DG R&I)

Systematic contacts with the EC Thematic Directorates, JRC and ESFRI to:

  • Identify/ Review/promote activities of interest for the EaP countries (e.g. Enlargement Actions/JRC);
  • Examining the implementation of joint activities in cooperation with interested Thematic Directorates. To this end, interviews with the Thematic Directorates are taking place in order to investigate/suggest joint activities on an ad-hoc basis or in the frame of a jointly agreed roadmap. (e.g. Workshops, thematic working groups, etc.).
  • Promote important activities of the project (co-patenting analysis; conferences; policy dialogue activities, etc.) to stimulate activities of the Thematic Directorates targeting the EaP countries, as well as promote recommendations of the completed IncoNet EaP (e.g. conclusions of Thematic Workshops organized at the Panel’s request).

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