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WP4 - Optimal framework conditions and increasing coordination in policies and programmes


This WP supports the introduction of optimal framework conditions to the EaP countries and puts emphasis on increasing coordination in policies and programmes between the EU MS and EaP countries. In particular, a policy development framework was strengthened by the realisation of two dedicated trainings for informing and coaching STI policymakers and stakeholders from EaP countries. Moreover, desk research explored cooperation with JPIs, COST actions and national programmes in view of an increased coordination and synergies between policies and programmes of EU/MS and EaP countries.

Tasks and Activities

Task 4.1: Policy development framework

Activity 4.1a Training seminars in Research and Innovation policy

Activity 4.1 b STI Cooperation Barometer

Task 4.2: Increase coordination and synergies between policies and programmes of EU/MS and EaP

•Activity 4.2.a Exploring cooperation with JPIs

•Activity 4.2.b: Exploring cooperation with COST

•Activity 4.2.c: Exploring participation of EaP countries in EU MS programmes

The main measurable contributions of EaP PLUS grounded in the fourth objective (i.e. improving the framework conditions and efficiency) are:

•Creation of a Policy development framework through the realization of two high-level seminars (i.e. first and second year) including study visits to relevant national ministries/agencies, covering topics such as IPR, science/industry links, peer Review, research integrity including ethical behavior, open access, etc.

•Triggering synergies among Policies & Programmes exploring cooperation of EaP countries with JPIs, COST actions, and EU/MS national programmes

Lead Partner and Runtime

Lead Partner 9 - IPPT PAN

Start Month 1

End Month 31

Contacts for WP4

Ms Olga Zyrina, olga.zyrina@kpk.gov.pl

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