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WP3 - Enhancing EU-EaP research and innovation partnership


This WP will strengthen the links between EU and EaP innovation actors. Active innovation players will be identified via international co-patent analysis, demonstrating the involvement of EaP organisations in different types of EU and EaP innovation knowledge networks. Training of technology managers will be provided, as well as activities aiming at strengthening clusters in EaP countries in collaboration with similar structrures in EU. Last but not least, promotion of the ETPs concept will be done by transferring the experience and creating links between the existing Ukrainian platforms and the ETPs and by sharing and transferring experience to other EaP countries.

Tasks and Activities

Task 3.1 Co-patenting analysis focusing on international patents

Task 3.2: Training for technology managers

Task 3.3: Boosting Clusters in EaP

  • Activity 3.3a: Review of the state of development of clusters and emerging clusters in EaP

  • Activity 3.3 b: Cluster grant scheme

  • Activity 3.3c: Funded clusters workshop

  • Activity 3.3d: Report on cluster potential in EaP and recommendations

Task 3.4 Promoting the ETPs concept in EaP

The main measurable contributions of EaP PLUS grounded in the third objective (i.e. promoting innovation in the EaP countries) will be:

  1. To initiate 6 EU-EaP Clusters; to organise a clusters workshop; to review the state of development of clusters in EaP.
  2. To organize a Workshop on Technology Platforms in EaP countries with an emphasis on the existent Ukrainian Technology Platforms.
  3. To organise a training seminar for technology managers in EaP countries.
  4. To implement an EU-EaP co-patenting analysis.

Lead Partner and Runtime

Lead Partner 8 - INNO-TSD
Start Month 1
End Month 34

Contacts for WP3

Ms Krisztina Dax, k.dax@inno-group.com

Ms Svetlana Klessova, S.Klessova@inno-group.com

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